Currently sequencing the images for my first book!I’ll be turning in a handbound copy for one of my final projects this semester, but I would also like to sell a few (maybe even do a giveaway of one?) as well.
I will be posting the images on my website within a day or so, so you can view what will be inside said book before you order. Anyone interested? x  It worked! Now to work with the gel medium to let the mirror show through! (at Academy Of Art University - Taylor)

Hi everyone-

So sorry for a very late update. I’m in the middle of my final projects which are all so individualized not only in regards to subject matter, but also technique! One involves a handmade book, another involved printing onto river stones, and the last is an image transfer onto mirrors. 

And I have an idea for a mixed media project that I am greatly considering turning into a short film, a la Ana Mendieta’s Blood Signs and Alma Silueta un Fuego

But in the mean time as I’m working on those, what would you like to see happen here? A print giveaway, an open Q&A, a video of some sort, or new social media you would like me to try? Please let me know!

Happy weekend!

Lesya x

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my followers, American or not!
There’s always something to be thankful for and I hope you can take a minute to at least smile in honor of it. x 

I printed a few tintypes today! Will hopefully be scanning them tomorrow for better viewing. x (at Academy Of Art University - Taylor) Here’s a quick photo of my installation! (will link this to an artist statement later) There are color slides frozen in ice, suspended by monofilament.

I’ll be setting up my installation for class within the hour! Will post a few photos of it once it’s assembled and in place.